React Basics

A good science foundation pays off for years. Our workshops will help your programmers learn about React's best practices and take their projects to the next level.


Closed programming workshops for companies

React and React Native programming training offer. Especially directed to development teams.

When designing our trainings, we tried to solve the most common problems in programming teams. They were designed on the basis of consultations that we have conducted for many companies, analyzing projects, software quality and team performance.

Software Bay workshops are not a ready-made and repeatable product. Each of the topics is individually tailored to the needs of the company and the project team. Before each workshop, we conduct a needs study to adjust the training to clearly defined needs, situations and the client.

Here's what your team will learn during this workshop

Basic React, JSX and TypeScript techniques

A good foundation for building React projects will pay off for years.

Build low-maintenance and scalable projects

When building projects, we should also take care of flexibility for changes.

Basics of component optimization

Understanding background processes is the key to building efficient components.

Defining the division of architecture into UI layers

UI split is essential for building easily maintainable projects.

Build advanced structures

Building efficient systems requires advanced structures

Flux Architecture with Redux

Redux as one of the tools to use the Flux architecture.

Customize the perfect workshop for your team!

Let's talk about the needs that developers in your team currently have. We create a workshop tailored especially for them!

This workshop is a good choice for:

  • frontend developers familiar with JavaScript, HTML or other UI library
  • webdevelopers who want to enter a higher professional level
  • frontend of developers working with React projects
  • team open to learning new things
  • people who want to save time from making mistakes

But it can not be the best match for:

  • developers who don't know the basics of JavaScript
  • teams where design chaos reigns and current projects are delayed
  • teams that are looking for solutions to pressing project problems
  • people who don't like learning new things
  • Teams that are demotivated

Why is this workshop useful and profitable?

Good programming skills generate savings - your team will save money and time on mistakes that they could potentially make.

Practical knowledge - We will provide you with practical knowledge that has been developed over the years of cooperation with dozens of clients.

Flexibility - Our workshops are carried out according to your needs. We are happy to analyze your current projects to find gaps and focus on making your daily work easier.

Relief from implementation stress - the leader and the team after the construction of the project according to the assumptions easier to control the activity that is easier and faster to fix.

Layering and scalability - after learning good practices and dividing into layers, the team will be ready for even the most complex and large projects.The training materials and the way of transferring knowledge have been thought out down to the last detail. All this to give you much more than you expect.

About Workshop Leader

matt oracz

Matt Oracz

Senior developer, team leader and consultant in the field of the React & React Native ecosystem. On a daily basis, I support the development of companies, both smaller and those with an international reach, in building IT products. In addition, I conduct trainings, workshops and consultations to improve team skills and teach how to build better front-end and mobile products.

How do we design our workshops?

We try to tailor each workshop individually to the needs of the team we work with. Depending on his skills and level of advancement, we will tailor a workshop that will take the skills of programmers to a higher level.


Research of your team's workshop needs

Clearly define the situation and needs of the client and his team

  • 1
Cuzstomization of workshop for your team

We will tailor the perfect workshop for your team.

  • 2
Conducting a workshop with your team

Implementation of the program in accordance with the agreed schedule.

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Let's work together!

We are ready to help you in your React or React Native project! Just let us know what can we do for you. Leave a message or just call us.