React & React Native Workshops

Best workshops you can find that will take your team's skills to the next level!


Closed programming workshops for companies

React and React Native programming training offer. Especially directed to development teams.

When designing our trainings, we tried to solve the most common problems in programming teams. They were designed on the basis of consultations that we have conducted for many companies, analyzing projects, software quality and team performance.

Software Bay workshops are not a ready-made and repeatable product. Each of the topics is individually tailored to the needs of the company and the project team. Before each workshop, we conduct a needs study to adjust the training to clearly defined needs, situations and the client.

Workshops available

Closed training courses for development teams.


React Basics


"This workshop is intended for a team that knows JavaScript, HTML or other UI libraries. It prepares to work with projects based on React and Redux libraries. It is especially aimed at providing good programming practices using these libraries ..."


React Native Basics


"Workshops for React developers or ios/android native developers. An important element of the training is to learn about the advanced components of React Native that enable good practice, reusability, consistency and code transparency ..."


Advanced React Architecture


"The training prepares you to work on more complex projects. Where the issue of easy maintenance and flexibility to changes is the key assumption. Aimed at developers actively working with React or React Native ... "

Customize the perfect workshop for your team!

Let's talk about the needs that developers in your team currently have. We create a workshop tailored especially for them!

How do we design our workshops?

We try to tailor each workshop individually to the needs of the team we work with. Depending on his skills and level of advancement, we will tailor a workshop that will take the skills of programmers to a higher level.


Research of your team's workshop needs

Clearly define the situation and needs of the client and his team

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Cuzstomization of workshop for your team

We will tailor the perfect workshop for your team.

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Conducting a workshop with your team

Implementation of the program in accordance with the agreed schedule.

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How to choose a good workshop for your team?

If you do not know which training will be best for your team, order a Free Consultation. Our trainer will comprehensively ask about the situation and the goal that your project team plans to achieve. Based on the experience from similar training courses, we will propose an approach to the project to provide as much value and knowledge as possible.

The impact of workshops on current projects

When designing our workshops, we try to best adapt them to the needs of your team in everyday work. So you can expect immediate results from our cooperation. The team will know good programming practices and their knowledge will move to the next level. Additionally, the programmers themselves will find bugs that may cause later maintenance problems.

Online or in your office

Adapting to the current trends on the labor market, most of our employees currently work remotely from different parts of the country and even the world, our workshops are mostly run online. If you want to create a stationary workshop in your city, we can also run it for you. Please contact us to discuss the terms and conditions.

When is it not worth investing in workshops?

If your teams are currently in chaos in design, current projects are delayed, and the programming team is demotivated, the workshop may not be the best choice. In such a situation, it is worth talking to the trainer before the training is carried out. Our offer also includes design support. We can support your project at every stage. It is worth remembering that investing in training is not always the best way to fix problems that arise in projects or to improve motivation in the team.

Let's work together!

We are ready to help you in your React or React Native project! Just let us know what can we do for you. Leave a message or just call us.