Why Engagment is More Than Just a Buzzword


Engagement is key because if your team is committed, it means that they take responsibility for the project, and for me, it's really important to know that my work has an impact on the future of the product. Developers often treat projects as a checklist, not as a mission. In my experience, in a broader perspective, this task-oriented approach doesn't work. Users' feedback is also important. Something may not work as planned, something may not be intuitive, and the app may crash - things like that should be fixed immediately...

As people with a mission, we know how important a long-term relationship is. That's why we take responsibility for the products we create. We often take over projects from inexperienced teams that had problems they could not resolve. We even have had such cases when we had to rewrite most of the code to make the application work efficiently... In such situations, we try to relieve the founders so they don't have to worry about technological matters and they can focus on their own duties.

In my opinion, a founder needs people who will be proactive. People who will maintain the level of quality and are future-minded. It is really important to fix bugs as soon as they occur and respond to the users’ needs. It's necessary to take care of the possibility of scaling all the time. You have to be prepared to scale your product at any time because when users enjoy your product, they will come quickly, and we must be ready for this....We must constantly keep high quality because it will be easier to develop the application in the future, and I always suggest forward-thinking. Let's build the code in such a way that the application architecture is flexible to changes which I mentioned before

So... to summarize: the key is to put your heart into what you do because it shows founders that the partnership is efficient and really valuable.

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