The secret of a well-matched team


In my opinion, the most important thing is commitment. Because look: a poorly chosen team is uninterested in the result. They don't care if their work makes sense, they don't care what happens next with the project, how it will develop in the future, whether it is functional or not, and how they affect the entire project.

The only concern for uninvolved developers is that the code currently works, not what the users' feelings are. And they forget that they are responsible for the final product, so they have to ensure that it meets expectations.

We are always guided by the fact that we have a direct impact on the final product. We don't want to simply do the bare minimum, but also we want to provide users with the best value. We consider the value of this product, we analyze and ask questions that may be crucial for the architecture of the entire app.

If programming is your passion, it is evident in your work... I'm sure that this is much more important than, for example, years of experience. I believe that if a person - even a beginner - really cares about what he or she does, they will be much more valuable than even a person with many years of experience. Because look: this way, a beginner gains experience, and the project gains a valuable team member. The member who really cares about the outcome and not just fulfilling his duties thoughtlessly.

It's important to constantly improve your team, share knowledge, and exchange experiences. Thanks to that, everyone can feel that their work has a purpose. We have to show that we're not here just to work but to do something impactful.

For us, work is more like a mission. As developers, we wanna build world-class products with the best team who really put their hearts and souls into it. Of course, you can max out the budget by paying people who aren't involved in their work, but it seems to me that you will not meet the standards that the users and investors expect...

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