The #1 Mistake Tech Founders Make When Creating Digital Products


Well... First of all, poor team selection. Developers don't often get involved with the team, and it shows right away. I believe that the people who work on a project must be ambitious. They should be passionate about their work.

In fact, we are the foundation of the start-up. Our work determines the quality of the product. If we don't commit to our job, it can affect the entire project: user-friendliness, general experience, and customer satisfaction.

And the whole company will suffer. Marketing can be difficult because look: how do you advertise a poor quality product? Investors will start to have doubts and may lose interest in your project, and the management can also lose their time... And the worst thing is that it creates a negative image of the company among users, who will be discouraged to use your product, brand, marketing, etc..... and won't want to give it a second chance.

That's why I believe that a disengaged team of developers can cause many losses.

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