React Native: The Technology Developers Love


Q: Why should startups use React Native to build mobile apps? The availability of developers is extremely important. While investing and building any technological products, founders usually assume a perspective of several years.

The product will develop, marketing will actively attract new customers, and after months of hard work, the product will attract investors and users. An unforeseen scenario for the founder may turn out to be the lack of developers for further development.

This can be the case when the technology team chooses a new, very niche technology which your programmers may not be familiar with. They of course could learn this new tech on the job, but why at the cost of your efficiency and product?

After a year or two or three, it may turn out that the technology used to build your product is no longer trending, nobody wants to develop it further, and programmers don't want to see this technology anymore.

What then? The cost of finding and hiring such a person is increasing and will continue to increase every year. So what's your solution for that? Rewrite the product from scratch? That would take up too much time and too much of your budget.

Referring to mobile applications, I think that currently, such a falling trend can be observed with once-popular solutions such as Cordova or Xamarin.

I believe React Native will be among the most popular solutions for mobile as long as React is heavily used. Based on the fact that currently the vast majority of web products are created using React, I am not afraid of a decrease in interest in this technology, even far into the future.

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