React Native: Faster Startup Mobile App Development


Another challenge is reducing problems related to mobile platforms. As we know, mobile apps are more popular amongst users nowadays. People have access to them practically every day, at any time, as long as they have access to their phones. But mobile solutions are much more technically problematic than web applications because they need to run smoothly on two different platforms.

As I like to say, “one code - one problem”. As opposed to building separate applications for IOS and Android - when we implement changes through React Native, we only have to do it once. Instead of one team for Android, and another for IOS, which makes each adjustment into two projects. Our goal in using React Native is that one change only requires changing the code once. Of course, still testing both of them. So the same code is compatible for both platforms and patches are deployed everywhere at once.

The needs of startups change, so the ease of introducing changes is very important. That's why I believe that React Native saves a lot of valuable time while creating the same value as applications written natively.

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