From failure to success: How a Team of Developers Saved a Failing Startup


How many developers do you think it takes to build a startup product? Well, it depends. In my opinion, founders should not believe that one person, for example, a freelancer, will take care of everything. In my experience, no one person is able to take care of every detail without help. Sometimes products have a lot of bugs, which are so complicated that you don't know what to do with them. Once, we had a case where the application was the core of the business, but no one thought about what to do with the product after finishing the first stage of development. Many people enjoyed the application, but due to a large number of problems, users were looking for alternatives, and managers didn't know why they were leaving. So, the founders started looking for help, someone who would fix it immediately, because the company was losing credibility with each passing day. So this case really shows why you have to take care of the quality of the product you build from the very beginning.

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