Founders vs Developers: The Ultimate Partnership for Startup Success


Users are happy when the application works effortlessly. And how do we make founders happy too? We know how important the role of the founder is, and we know how many problematic issues can arise that you need to spend time on. A startup is not only a product but also marketing, legal regulations, etc. Our task as development specialists is to help the founder with this technological side. We want the founder to be part of the process so that he or she can see and supervise our work, but we don't want him or her to waste time on technological problems. Our goal is to implement missing elements immediately to fix bugs. If we want to build the best startups, we must provide solutions for founders, not add to their list of problems. That's why we always try to think ahead, and in this way, we avoid later difficulties. I believe that is how we provide the startup with the best opportunity to have constant development.

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