Cutting Costs with React Native - The Startup’s Guide to Mobile App Development


Q: Why should startups use React Native to build mobile apps? The most important thing is cost optimization. When a startup has a fairly tight budget, and the expectation is a rapid increase in the value of the product for future investors and rounds of financing, cost optimization is a priority.

React Native is an ideal choice for startups because it allows you to create an application for the IOS and Android platforms using one source code. And the main core of React Native is React, which is one of the most popular libraries in the world of front-end applications. Because of this, developers can create landing pages, web applications, mobile applications, and even desktop apps, with knowledge from one library.

Of course, it's not the best solution for front-end engineers who have no mobile app building experience to start learning how to build IOS or Android apps during the development of your product because this can cause problems in the long term. If you are building a web application and your plans include a mobile product, the best solution will be to find a person who has experience and expertise in developing mobile applications. Then the front-end team doesn't carry the full weight of development and can be there for assistance and collaboration.

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