Building Your Tech Product: Tips for Non-Tech Founders


How do you start building a product? Imagine... you have a great idea and money but no tech knowledge about how to bring your product to life. In my opinion, the key is to find someone you trust, an advisor who can point you in the right direction. It may be, for example, a project cofounder who can help with all your tech needs.

Before we begin development, we start with brainstorming. We always get to know our new startups before development - we ask key questions we choose the most important features to determine what is needed to build the most cost-effective project. Together, we think about what users will want to use, and we also choose the best plan to build functionalities for your MVP. We also keep in mind what users want and get rid of things they don't need.

Because of our experience working with many clients, we are able to anticipate problems and determine which aspects still need to be considered.

What do you advise founders who want to build a technological product? In my opinion, a technological product is your foundation, which is why it is so important to plan it well. If you have a new idea, tell us about it right away. It's so much easier for us to introduce future changes that we planned for previously.

If we have great communication, we know from the beginning how flexible the project must be, how to build functionalities so that we can implement changes as efficiently as possible. We always recommend that our clients add new functions to their project step by step, but the sooner we start to anticipate changes, the easier it will be for us to implement them later. Therefore, even if we are just starting to create an MVP, but the founder is already thinking about what to introduce next year, they should tell us about their future plans right away.

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