The best solutions arise as a result of cooperating with the best

In Software Bay we work with an excelent team, which will implement reliable software for your company.

Complete your project with a proven team

We know very well - the companies, even the best managed, don't always have the resources to quickly implement new plans and specific actions. As a Software Bay we are here to support you with this kind of operations. By working with us:

  • you'll save time spending on recruitment of the specialists,
  • you'll gain the technological support, but also in making the strategic decisions.

Tell us, what do you expect

At the beginning - we have to talk. We will try to find out exactly what are you doing and what do you want to achieve. All the information about the purpose, are very important for us, as well as the current status of project and the awareness of the creating product. Knowing the answers to these questions, we can check, if we are compatible.

It’s time for an action plan

The next step is to prepare a plan of action - product and sprint backlog. We will look at all the factors that contribute to the process, both the technical and the business side. We want software to help to meet the business goals in a real way.

Let’s create a great team!

As a result, we will form a team, by paying attention to assumption and key competencies, that are needed. We know well the soft and hard skills of our developers, and therefore we can fit them in the right, compatible configuration. The entire team is selected in the way to keep pace with your actions.

How do we communicate effectively?

During the operations we care about an ongoing contact and your awareness about the project progress. We work on a weekly sprints in which we present progress, plans, and also we consult the sticking points or problems.

How will we work together?

Our action is dynamic and flexible - we could easily adapt to your operation model and help you to choose priority measures by paying attention to your business goals.

Exploratory talks

Let's talk and check, what we can do to make your business better.

Product backlog

We're going to prepare the list of tasks, that are necessary.

Sprint backlog

It's time to build a project timeline and identify the key moments.

Product finalize!

The final adjustments and your product is ready to use.

Product encrement

We're preparing a potentially shippable version of the product.

Weekly or daily reviews

We are following the project progress and solving the problems.

Podcast & Blog

We create something more than IT solutions. Stay up to date with the world of technology, by following our articles and podcasts.


On our blog you will find some novelties about technological trends and challenges or learn something more about IT industry specifics.


Software Bay’s podcasts will allow you to know current technology trends by listening to experts opinions.


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