React / React Native Refactoring

We will prepare a React or React Native application refactoring plan in order to optimize the performance of the architecture and budget maintenance of the project. Then we prepare the team and implement it so that further development is a pleasure, not a chore.


What is the refactoring service

React or React Native project refactoring is a service in which we help our clients in building the project architecture so that it can be flexibly and scaled further developed over the next years.

With the development of the industry, we noticed an increasing lack of knowledge and specialists who prepare the architecture of projects and manage them in such a way that the project could be developed without any problems for a few years, attracting more and more customers and having an impact on business development.

At Software Bay, during the refactoring service, we get to know the application, its problems and further plans. Then we prepare an architecture reconstruction plan and implement it. All this so that the mobile application is part of a system that business is proud of, and not its problem. We will be happy to help you with our expertise to go through the refactoring process of your product, as well as to solve the most difficult project problems. Please contact us to discuss whether we can support your product.

The most frequently performed refactoring services

How our team can support you in refactoring your products.

Architecture refactoring

Separation of application layers, preparation of reusable and testable components. Rebuilding the structure and others.

Separation of UI component layers

User interface layer as an independent and reusable design element.

Implementation of the UI library shared between projects

Preparation of a library consisting of tested reusable components.

Changing the architecture of the business layer

Work on the architecture of communication between the views and the server. Improving speed and reliability.

Implementation of unit and integration tests

Implementation of unit and integration tests to verify the correct operation of the view layer after each change.

Preparation of the end-to-end test environment

The automated testing environment allows the user to reproduce clicks, checking whether the functionality meets the requirements.

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How we can start working together?

Depending on your needs, we prepare a team of specialists who will support your team as long as you need it.

Tell us about your needs

Based on your needs, we will prepare a shortlist of the talents from our team best suited for your project. After acceptance, your tech team reviews our candidates.

  • Step 1.
Team preparation and review your team proposal

Based on your needs, we will prepare a shortlist of the talents from our team best suited for your project. After acceptance, your tech team reviews our candidates.

  • Step 2.
We become part of your team

As soon as you review and sign-off our team, we’ll be ready to integrate into your dev team—just like an in-house employee.

  • Step 3.

What is the application refactoring service?

It is a redevelopment of the project in terms of easier and budgetary maintenance and development in the future. We often help rebuild products that were created by a team that did not take care of this issue. Thanks to proper planning and rebuilding, further development of an error-free application is achievable in a shorter time.

The refactoring service changes the cost of development

A properly arranged and orderly design allows for faster and cheaper changes, while maintaining flawless operation. We also often recommend adding tests to the application, which allows you to automatically test implemented changes that may affect other parts of the system. Thanks to such architecture and tests, customers are satisfied with the quality of the product free from bugs.

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