React Native Development

What is great about React Native? You build one app that runs on every platform. We deliver mobile solutions with less effort by using reusable components.


What is special about React Native Mobile Development?

It’s no longer surprising that most of the existing companies have their own applications or use external solutions to simplify and scale their processes. In recent years, more and more of them have decided to completely switch to or expand their resources with mobile apps. React Native allows JavaScript developers to create simultaneously cross-platform mobile applications using the same code. It is possible to share it between two platforms, iOS and Android, thanks to the ability to translate content written in JS into native components. This is where its name came from. It is possible because of the so-called bridges.

Why should you choose our React Native development company?

Our team of React Native experts builds a mobile application for you that works on any mobile platform. Code written once and run anywhere! React Native guarantees the same superb performance on all devices regardless of the platform used. Contact us to see what can you achieve with React Native and how your business can benefit from React Native mobile development.

Areas where we can help build a solution with React Native

How you can use our React Native Team to build your products.

Transform your idea into product

Turn your idea into a technological solution that allows you to launch your application, build trust among users and acquire customers.

Build an active marketing channel

Collect data to create a unique user experience and increase the effectiveness of your results.

Build software as a service product

Create a digital product that solves your users' problems in the software as a service model.

Create safe and stable product

Create a solution enabling flexible development of new functionalities, in accordance with the needs of your customers and the changing market.

Building user engagement and loyalty

Send real-time notifications to users and use them to increase awareness.

Build a solution that will be used by millions of users

Get users' interest and develop your digital product. Easily introduce new functions according to customer needs.

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Based on your needs, we will prepare a shortlist of the talents from our team best suited for your project. After acceptance, your tech team reviews our candidates.

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One team - Two apps

The appearance of hybrid applications has revolutionized the application market. Mainly because of the fact, that by employing one team of developers, you can get 2 separate mobile apps . Two, for different platforms - iOS and Android. It is possible thanks to the bridges, allowing you to write a logical layer of nearly 70% of common JavaScript code. Then it is automatically translated for each system. Until now, wanting to build an app that can be used by users of Android and iOS devices has involved hiring 2 teams or postponing the production of one of them.

Faster development process

Writing most of the common code for the two systems simultaneously also reduces the production time. Double work is performed with the achievement of satisfactory results, at the same time as creating a single native app . With this, we could say that you get 2 in 1. If you need your application fast, React Native may be the solution for you. However, keep in mind that if you need an advanced product, it may require a native support.

Cost reduction

Does the production of React Native apps always mean lower costs? Of course, this is largely dependent on the selected functions. The main fact, for which this argument is cited, is an example that when writing iOS and Android apps , you don't need 2, but only 1 team. Remember that if you need an advanced product, it may require the support of a native developer to fill in inaccuracies resulting from the separate nature of each platform, which can lead to increased costs.

Code readability

Among other things, thanks to many ready-made, proven components, React Native is a technology that allows you to create organized and readable applications from the code side. This kind of structure makes applications easy to develop with new functionalities, even after a long time since the first version of the app was created. Transparency also facilitates the introduction of new developers to implement new functionalities or make changes.

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