React Native Consulting

Consult your React Native application with our experts. We will be happy to help you develop your product.


Code Consulting overview

React Native Consulting is a service in which we help our clients in starting application development and during development or maintenance. With the growth of web and mobile applications, there are more and more programmers on the market each year, but the need for digitization is also growing. Unfortunately, along with the development, we notice an increasing lack of knowledge and specialists who know a very well-chosen technology. .

At Software Bay, we specialize in a very narrow area, namely React and React Native. We also support our clients as part of project consultations, during which we prepare project architectures, analyze current problems, train programmers, solve performance drops, support development teams, and build teams for product creation or development.

We will be happy to help you build your product with our expertise, as well as consult the most difficult issues of the project, with which you currently have problems. Please contact us to discuss whether we can support your product.

Areas where we can help build a solution with React.js

How you can use our React Team to build your products.

Application performance issues

Your app is too slow? Stops working? This may discourage users. Take advantage of the consultation, we will be happy to help you fix these problems.

Incorrectly working functionalities

Can't get the team to fix the functionality? Keeping up with the same problems? We can help you fix them and leave the application error-free.

Checking the code of an inexperienced team

Inexperienced team in mobile themes starts React Native project? We recommend the support of our expert immediately in order to speed up the work, solve errors at the initial stage.

Preparation of the project architecture

We will prepare the architecture for you to start and work effectively with your project.

Checking the quality of the code

We will support you in the code review process, check the quality of the code produced and train the team.

Implementation of the webview

Quite often, product owners decide to open a virtual viewer in the application to speed up the first release of a product. We will help you make it as optimal as possible.

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How we can start working together?

Depending on your needs, we prepare a team of specialists who will support your team as long as you need it.

Tell us about your needs

Based on your needs, we will prepare a shortlist of the talents from our team best suited for your project. After acceptance, your tech team reviews our candidates.

  • Step 1.
Team preparation and review your team proposal

Based on your needs, we will prepare a shortlist of the talents from our team best suited for your project. After acceptance, your tech team reviews our candidates.

  • Step 2.
We become part of your team

As soon as you review and sign-off our team, we’ll be ready to integrate into your dev team—just like an in-house employee.

  • Step 3.

One team - Two apps

The appearance of hybrid applications has revolutionized the application market. Mainly because of the fact, that by employing one team of developers, you can get 2 separate mobile apps . Two, for different platforms - iOS and Android. It is possible thanks to the bridges, allowing you to write a logical layer of nearly 70% of common JavaScript code. Then it is automatically translated for each system. Until now, wanting to build an app that can be used by users of Android and iOS devices has involved hiring 2 teams or postponing the production of one of them.

Faster development process

Writing most of the common code for the two systems simultaneously also reduces the production time. Double work is performed with the achievement of satisfactory results, at the same time as creating a single native app . With this, we could say that you get 2 in 1. If you need your application fast, React Native may be the solution for you. However, keep in mind that if you need an advanced product, it may require a native support.

Cost reduction

Does the production of React Native apps always mean lower costs? Of course, this is largely dependent on the selected functions. The main fact, for which this argument is cited, is an example that when writing iOS and Android apps , you don't need 2, but only 1 team. Remember that if you need an advanced product, it may require the support of a native developer to fill in inaccuracies resulting from the separate nature of each platform, which can lead to increased costs.

Code readability

Among other things, thanks to many ready-made, proven components, React Native is a technology that allows you to create organized and readable applications from the code side. This kind of structure makes applications easy to develop with new functionalities, even after a long time since the first version of the app was created. Transparency also facilitates the introduction of new developers to implement new functionalities or make changes.

Let's work together!

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