Challenges of building React and React Native apps

Building applications in React and React Native enjoys unflagging interest due to the benefits it brings. They include:

Challenges of building React and React Native apps

  • ease of learning this solution, even by novice programmers,
  • the ability to share code between two platforms, can be easily used to create completely new applications from scratch, and even in existing iOS or Android projects,
  • faster application development time,
  • smaller developer demand,
  • hot-reload function to increase React Native developer productivity.

These are just a few of them, and it looks impressive, right? React Native is also constantly updated, thanks to which the possibilities of its use are expanded. We wrote about the latest update - React 18 in one of our latest articles: React 18 - what's new?

However, perfect technologies do not yet exist, so here too, we must be careful and pay attention to several challenges and difficulties.

What mistakes to avoid when developing React & React Native Apps?

  • Lack of proper image optimization
  • Often ignored, although it is one of the key stages in application development . For what purpose is it performed? It is necessary to shorten the time of loading images in the application. This is especially important when the competition among applications is so high, and the bounce rate after the first login is already over 31%. To gain the favor of users, it is necessary to fine-tune the application even in the smallest details, including those related to its performance.

  • Inadequate planning Redux
  • Redux is an open source JavaScript library dedicated to managing the state of an application . This applies to the correct storage and administration of data, debugging states in an effective form. However, such an effect can only be achieved if it is properly planned - otherwise, instead of improvements, we can lead to problems in the project. Using Redux requires writing extensive code , even for small projects or updates, so it is best suited for larger applications .

  • Using stateless components
  • Stateless components are ones that always render in the same way and only create what is provided to them by props. They are also known as dumb components , but they have their advantages such as quick implementation by reducing the length of the code , and testing in this case is much simpler.

  • Multiprocessor or Parallel Threading Not Supported
  • Unfortunately, React Native does not support multi-processor or parallel threading. It is composed of only one JavaScript thread, therefore performance degradation may be observed as a result of executing several processes at once. So if you need your application to be functional on several levels at the same time, think carefully about an alternative to this framework.

  • The omission of verification of external modules
  • External modules significantly speed up the work, hence they are eagerly used when creating applications in React Native . They can save you a lot of time, but to be sure, take a moment to check their codes before using them. Skipping this step may lead to the implementation of error codes that will undesirably interfere with the product we have created.

  • Abstraction Layers
  • Abstraction Layers are created to render subsequent functions using native reactions. The problem is that errors in them are difficult to find and accurately diagnose. Even a failure of one of the layers can affect the operation of the integrals of the application , consisting of many of them, and it takes a very experienced developer to master this type of technique.

    Above, we have indicated a few elements that are worth paying attention to when creating applications in React & React Native . Hopefully, it brought attention to something you did not know before or remembered the importance of some activities in the early stages of a project to eliminate the risk of complex errors in the future!

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