7 Reasons to choose React.js for web app development

7 Reasons to choose React.js for web app development

7 Reasons to choose React.js for web app development

Although on the official website it is called a JavaScript library, according to Stack Overflow 2021 , React.js is currently the most popular web framework . It gained as much as 40.14% of all respondents, of which there were over 67,000! Last year, it was in second place, right after JQuery, which was ahead of it by a few percentage points.

This framework, created by Jordan Walke and released in 2013 for public use, enjoys more and more recognition and popularity every year. Why has it become so popular? We decided to collect its most frequently mentioned advantages in one place. Find out about our top 7 values, that make React.js the optimal solution for creating interactive web applications .

Speed of development

Using React.js in your project will save you a lot of time. Why? It is a small, component-based library that allows you to easily create interactive user interfaces. What's more, it makes it possible to increase the efficiency of programmers, by reusing already created components on other levels.

Saving the budget

The shorter development time, mentioned in the previous point, is also the reason for further advantages. A smaller number of programmers and less time needed to create both solutions means fewer working hours, and thus - lower costs!

Great stability

This feature of RJS is a result of a one-way flow of data. What is that? This solution allows you to interact directly with components and create relations that don’t affect on other components and previously created structures. In short, child components can’t affect the parent ones. Thanks to this structure of elements, React based applications are less error-prone, easier to debug and more efficient.


RJS components , used by React.js developers during the development process , are kept separate from each other. Thanks to this solution, accidental changes or errors appearing in one of them, they don’t affect the others. This minimizes the risk of internal chaos and difficulties in finding oneself in the resulting error structures.

What’s more, any changes that occur in the interface can be observed in real time thanks to the virtual DOM domain.

Declarative programming

Declarative approach, unlike its imperative alternative, is characterized by finding the answers about changes we want to observe in the interface. We answer this question by modifying the state of the selected component. In the imperative version mentioned earlier, the code describes the whole process of “how we want to bring about the changes”. For declarative programming, React will fully reflect changes in the interface, so you do not have to make changes to the DOM by yourself.

Low entry threshold

A frequently mentioned advantage of React is its low entry of threshold. It is possible because actually the only requirement to get started with this technology is knowledge of JavaScript. The rapid development of skills is facilitated by the components used in it, i.e. code modules that form closed entities. Such a solution doesn’t require the knowledge of their internal mechanics from developers.

React.js is also supported by a huge community, which translates into high availability of ready-made solutions, e.g. third-party libraries, that can be used in projects in order to make the time of implementation shorter.

Frequent improvements

Due to mixed opinions about this feature, we decided to give it to the end. Frequent React updates are considered both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, regularly introduced improvements mean more and more opportunities. On the other - the need for constant tracking of new messages about them and training yourself in new skills which in a moment may become obsolete.

The pace of introduced changes also causes the problem of not complete documentation. Therefore, they are created individually, usually for specific, currently created projects. In our opinion, constant development is definitely a plus. The open-source nature of this technology is also of great value in this case. The community of several thousand, gathered around him on GitHub, significantly helped in its development and cognition.

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